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  • Paul Davidson

I Await Your Apology

You so know what you did and I’m giving you 24 hours to apologize.

I was originally going to give you 12 hours to apologize but then I thought that maybe you wouldn’t check the blog as often as you normally do after doing what you did that’s causing me to issue this “apology in 24 hours threat” as I am doing this very moment. So, lucky you, you get 24 hours.

The apology I am assuming you will issue to me within 24 hours of this being posted should be on the phone and not in text or e-mail form. Any apology in a printed form does not count as a real apology since it takes no courage to do so. I want it in person, actually. No phone calls. 100% in person.

So, to rephrase with the new rules I’ve just decided: I want the apology, in person, within the next 24 hours. And you must come to my place and not tell me to meet you somewhere.

In fact, if you called me on the phone to start the apology process (which would count as going against the previously rules set forth in my 24 hour apology rule-list) and then asked me to meet you somewhere else other than my house, which causes me to basically spend money (i.e. gas, time, effort) in order to hear YOU give ME an apology, that’s just a back-handed apology.

So, let me clear this all up in one simple phrase: You must apologize to me, at my house, in person, within 24 hours of this post showing up on this blog or you will be sorry.

I hope this is clear. I’m trying to be a succinct as possible.

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