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  • Paul Davidson

Hungry Hungry Hippos (Or, Good Training For Life)

Hungry Hungry Hippos is the best training you’re ever going to get for the real world.

Hungry Hungry Hippos is a children’s game put out by Milton Bradley that puts you in the middle of the amazing hippo action that only Milton Bradley can bring you. I mean, think about all those times you were day dreaming about going on a safari in Africa but didn’t have the cash. Here, for twenty bucks you can actually live out the life of a hippo…foraging for plastic balls that are being periodically thrown in front of your face by a mischievous monkey.

Aah, the wild.

But the world of society is wild, too. And Hungry Hungry Hippos provides you with your first lesson in “whoever is fastest, wins-est.” The term I would like to go with from this point forward, to represent the frenetic quest for swallowing marbles, is…


The term swallowingthemarblesquicklybeforesomeoneelsedoes is all about speed, desire, and reflexes. It’s about goal-setting and being very specific in your intentions. If you see a marble drop down in front of your vision and you want that marble, well you’d better stick your neck out as far as you can (which is a dangerous proposition) and swallow said marble before any of your other competitors (read: co-workers, friends, family, landlords, highway driving neighbor, etc) can swallow said marble.

Marbles = Opportunities

Hungry Hungry Hippos has provided me with the experience I’ve needed to set my goals and go after opportunities in both school and the workplace, to learn how to work well with others who are working extremely close to me and always sticking their necks in my business (read: cubicles), to push others out of jobs that I’ve wanted, shove aside co-workers in the case of a fire alarm, eat my share of pizza after a fraternity party and eat peas off a plate with my hands tied behind my back (don’t ask).

For twenty bucks, it’s one hell of a deal.

Hungry Hungry Hippos also helps you develop your eye-hand coordination for those work-related golf outings or late-night bar room dart competitions with the CEO/COO, grow your circle of friends through positive communication and, most of all, learn a little bit about how hippos feed themselves in the wild (monkeys serve them marbles on a silver platter) so that the next time you visit the Zoo, you’re good to go.

In other news, I am still leaving empty boxes of popsicles, chicken strips and cereal in their places of origin even after I knowingly take the last item from within. I am working to find out the reason why. Please be patient…

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