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Holiday Shopping

Boy, do I hate shopping.

First, it’s a given since I’m a guy. Guys traditionally, don’t like shopping. We’re the gender who knows exactly what we want when we enter the store. Seriously, I have timed myself. From the point I turn off my car’s engine and get inside and buy items and find myself leaving — I’ve clocked it at 25 minutes. That’s buying three items at three separate stores.

No trying on clothing. No gift wrapping. In, out. Done. (I’m pretty proud of my record.)

I was out at the stores today buying the final gifts for people in my family and there’s a few interesting stories to tell, but since those family members may be reading these entries — I am unable to provide them to you presently. I will say that everyone seemed pretty damn happy out there today, even the people working in stores and at coffee stands, etcetera. I was impressed.

There was a few good pieces of print publicity for Consumer Joe today.

The first was printed in yesterday’s Baltimore Sun and involved a short list that detailed The Baltimore County Library’s most recommended books. They picked five in Fiction and Non-Fiction, and I’m proud to say that my book was the #1 recommended book on the Non-Fiction list. Don’t know what that means, exactly, but the sales numbers and rankings have started to jump fairly high (as low as 2,000 on Amazon) today, so that has to be helping.

The second was something on Investor’s Business Daily that, of course, you can only get to if you subscribe. But they mentioned the book under their “New Reading” for the holiday’s section, in today’s edition. They said:

Let this be a warning. Some companies got taken in by a prankster sending them letters with mock complaints and questions. For instance, he asked Coca-Cola what happened to all the bottles of New Coke that Americans didn’t drink. The prankster, Paul Davidson, has collected his letters and the firms’ responses in a humorous book called “Consumer Joe,” recently published by Broadway Books. In addition to Coca-Cola, firms that fell for Davidson’s ruse include Procter & Gamble, Best Buy, Barnes & Noble, Mattel and The Gap.

So, good hits. Hopefully more to come as we get closer to the holidays. Have you bought your copy? If not, click the link on the right side of this blog, and get to it!

I have dubbed this evening, The Night We Take Pictures of Me, Jen and the dog (Jack) and Stick Them Inside Holiday Cards and Send Them Out To The Entire World Since Many People are Doing It Also. Sound like fun to you?

And finally, the master bedroom work is done. Don’t ask me about the texturing issue, we’re just gonna not worry about it. We start putting things back on the wall this week, and before long (a year) the paint smell will go away.

Happy Monday.

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