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Hitchhiking To Mars

Me and plugging things. Doesn’t happen too often.

But when you know about a kick-ass one-woman show here in Los Angeles that is starting this week, and is (get this) FREE… Well, you gotta let your close friends know about it. Check out the 411:

In Hitchhiking to Mars, Dagney Kerr takes us on a personal journey through her fantasy-ridden psyche. Along the way she battles 80s-music addiction issues, gets transported to 14th Century Europe, has a rumble with her French neighbor’s cat, lives out a sexual obsession with an NBA superstar, and gets accosted at a Korean Health Spa – but not before tackling the tough subjects like, “are squirrels the Honda Accords of the animal kingdom?”, “am I going to hell for poaching my neighbor’s laundry detergent?”, and “how can I get a job naming hurricanes?”

Writer-Performer Dagney Kerr is an up-and-coming actress – recurring on CBS’s The District , she has recently guest starred on Bernie Mac, Six Feet Under, George Lopez, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, among many others.

My kind of humor. And the fact that it’s free and there’s gonna be free refreshments too, well, it’s easier than going home and putting something in the micro. Plus, Dagney is hilarious. So, I’m gonna be there. If you’re interested, just click below for more info… Schedule Opening Thursday, August 12th at 8:00 p.m. Continues Thursdays thru Saturdays, August 12-14, 19-21, and 26-28 – all shows 8pm.

Theater The Ventura Court Theater 12417 Ventura Court – Studio City (Ventura Court is a side street located between Whitsett Avenue and Laurel Grove JUST NORTH of Ventura Blvd.)

Ticket Info Tickets are free. Reservations required – 818-429-1215 or e-mail.

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