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Hidden Words: The Winners

Oh, the headaches that must have been caused by the squinting that was going on all day today. Even me, my friends…even me.

The winners, who correctly identified the most letters out of all the submissions (and which ended up as a first place winner and two tied for second, who will each get a book) were Jane with an impressive score of 46 and Brian Beck and Rozanne tied in second at 45. Congratulations, everyone!

The solution is as follows:

Line #1: Mayonnaise, she-bang, epiglottis, amazing, mint, marshmallow, liaison, schmutz, cream, gimp.

Line #2: Cantaloupe, radiohead, bullocks, mental, greenhorn.

Line #3: Liver, dodgeball, incite, academy, stand-in.

Line #4: Gigabyte, consumer, zipper, yo-yo, mime, crinkle, writer, jell-o, wiggle, kamikaze, insider.

Line #5: Greenlight, episode, cufflink, finger, propulsion.

Line #6: Bjork, stoopid, entertain, mystery, heaven.

Line #7: Overnight, jacktricks (my dog), aboulan (the fake word that means nothing), interference, wax, kingpin, crappy, insurrection, workout.

Thanks for playing — and have a wonderful weekend!

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