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  • Paul Davidson

Half-Day? Half-Dead.

You know who I’m talking about even before I write anything else.

They hover somewhere in your office so they have a great eye-line of the exit door. They place themselves so they can see two directions… The exit to your office and the back-doorway that no one except for the janitors use. They have to be sneaky and they have to know everyone’s arrival and departure schedule. They never do any work because they always have to have enough energy to lift their arm, look at their watch and when they see you leaving at the end of the day, say:

“Half-day, eh?”

These people drive me up the wall. And I’m not even the usual 9 to 5 employee. I am a freelance writer. But periodically I run into these people and I can’t believe how much they grate on my nerves.

I’ve tried to figure out why they find such joy in saying the above phrase. I’ve tried to determine just what motivates them. I’ve tried to crack the code of the “Half-Day Office Rooster.”

But alas, I have no answer.

Do you?

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