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Good and Bad

Jen and I watched the two extended DVD versions of The Lord of the Rings Fellowship of the Rings and The Two Towers over the last few days. I will tell you this — those extended versions added so much stuff to the movies that I didn’t originally see, that I am so stoked to be seeing the third movie again tonight because I will now view it in a much different way. There are so many things that are clarified and expanded on, that moments I was unaffected by in the first viewing of the third movie, I think will resonate much more this go around.

On another movie subject, we saw an advance screening of Win A Date with Tad Hamilton! last night.

Besides the fact that the audience was filled with teenaged girls saying “tee hee” and “oh that tad hamilton is so cuuuute”, it was a pretty good movie. Starring Topher Grace (That 70’s Show) and Kate Bosworth (Blue Crush) — it was about a small town girl (Kate) who enters a contest to win a date with her obsession/movie star crush Tad Hamilton. And when Tad meets her and sees how genuine and real she is, he longs to live a life like that; so he moves to her small town (much to the disappointment of the guy who really loves her (Topher) and throws a monkey wrench in his plans to ask her to come with him to a new town.

It felt very much like Some Kind of Wonderful and a slew of other John Hughes movies but without the clever dialogue. There was an awesome moment in the movie with Gary Cole (who plays her dad) — as he’s waiting for Tad Hamilton to come pick up his daughter for their first (in town) date, he opens the door wearing a “Project Greenlight” t-shirt (the Matt Damon/Ben Affleck Hollywood screenwriting contest). Inside joke, but funny.

Off to the movies for the night!

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