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French Air

Aah, the Hollywood Bowl.

Before I moved to Los Angeles, the only place I had ever seen or heard about the Hollywood Bowl was in the movie Some Kind of Wonderful where Eric Stoltz takes Lea Thompson on “the big date” to the Hollywood Bowl. It was this massive place and I thought to myself, “Man, what kind of massive weird auditorium place is that and where is it and how cool that is.”

Then I promptly forgot about it for about five or six years.

Last night I returned (although I had been back many times prior to last night) to see the French band, AIR in concert. If you’re not aware of the band, they did the whole soundtrack to Sofia Coppolla’s The Virgin Suicides, contributed the song “Alone in Kyoto” for Lost in Translation and have about 5 or 6 of their own CDs that are quite goundbreaking (in my own humble opinion).

Their music, which is some kind of hybrid ambient/electronica/symphonic style, is so unique that if you haven’t given them a chance, you should check out their latest album Talkie Walkie.

That is all.

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