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Final Weekend Thoughts

Periodically, I scour the web and find a variety of places talking about my book and/or (can you believe it) other things unrelated to the book. Here are some of them.

Really Small Talk is a great website run by Dan Kennedy, who happens to be the author of Loser Goes First, also a great piece of writing about all the events in his life that ALMOST made him famous, but didn’t. The site has a lot of short writing involving or about New York, but it’s good quirky stuff. And I happen to contribute stuff on there, periodically.

This weekend, I stumbled upon a blog run by Mike Lietz called Fine Whine who happened to see a favorable mention about Consumer Joe on Boing Boing. He was unsure about his purchase, being skeptical, so I had to pipe in and give him my own two cents. Really, it was half a cent, but whatever.

Some other funny stuff, book related. CamelBak, makers of cool backpack and hiking products (and who happened to be in the book, over the course of 6 pages of back and forth letters, actually printed the back and forth correspondences on their news page. Funny to see that stuff up on the corporate sites, but it’s all good.

Also saw a couple references in a few more places like an Australian blog and on Silicon Most of the references that have been popping up, have been due to some recent paper press and

Saw The Last Samurai this weekend. I must say, it’s one of the few movies in a long time that actually held my interest. Amazing, engaging action sequences, and a good transition (character-wise) for Cruise. I kept wishing he’d shave his goatee, but he’s hanging with the samurais so I guess you sorta have to have facial hair or they’ll think you’re a weak pretty-boy. (Like most of the male actors in Los Angeles).

This week should bring some good stuff. There’s a radio interview with a Waco station on Tuesday, some meetings with film companies based on a recent screenplay I had go out, a wedding, a party and maybe some karaoke.

Oh and one last thing that makes me very, very sad. (See below)

That’s Frankie Muniz and an English teenaged secret service agent and the token “funny black man sidekick”. I don’t know, it just seems stupid.

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