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  • Paul Davidson

E3 and No Words

If you don’t know what the E3 Expo is, then you probably don’t play, read about, or obsess over video games.

Happening between May 17th and the 20th here at the Los Angeles Convention Center, video game publishers show off what’s coming — sort of like a coming out party for debutants. This year will be pretty damn sweet as Sony will be showing off the Playstation 3, Microsoft will be showing off the XBOX 360, and other publishers will be parading video games for every possible console and handheld device on the face of the Earth.

It is a week of seizure-inducing goodness.

I’ll be heading out there to the conference that week for Wired Magazine, and just wanted to put it out there in case any of YOU will also be attending. Who says you can’t turn a video game excursion into a social event? Right? Right.

In other news, the Consumer Joe Abroad Contest is just about one week from its conclusion. That’s where you take a picture of the book at a creative location somewhere in the World, and the most creative wins $$, a first edition signed book, and a hot dog courtesy of WFME sponsor Weinerschnitzel.

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