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  • Paul Davidson

Digital Words

For those who refuse to leave their homes for fear of the infamous “germs” and other life-threatening illnesses, my piece This Smartbot is a Smartass in the Feburary issue of Wired Magazine is now available for your perusal here, online.

It’s also amusing to hear what people have done with SmarterChild after reading about it in the mag. Some amusing entries are here and here.

In other news, my monkey is going to be contributing to WFME starting Monday. As a primer for you being able to understand some of his more complicated monkey-talk, here’s a cheat sheet:

Ook: Hey Eek: Yeaaah! Ook-eek: Hey, yeah! Screech: Wow! Ook-eek, screech!: Hey, yeah! Wow! (Sighing sound): I’m tired. Ook-eek, screech! (Sighing sound): Hey, yeah! Wow! I’m tired.

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