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Debating Charity

I am debating. Currently debating am I.

I was thinking the other day — man, you’d think I could take this whole blogging thing and use it for good. You know, sort of like blogging is my super-power like being able to look through walls or something, and being able to use such powers for, yeah — you get the point.

I thought to myself — what if I were to try and use blogging to raise money for a charity. What if the readers of WFME could help in that endeavor? What if, what if, what if? So here I am, in a sense, polling the readers of WFME to get your thoughts. Here’s what I am thinking:

1. I pick a charity to benefit. (I’m thinking of the Los Angeles Mission, which benefits the homeless and helps down-and-out people train for careers and get back on their own two feet. If you know of other charities that you have supported in the past, let me know.)

2. I announce that I will be blogging for this charity over the course of 24 hours. Over those twenty-four hours I will post a new entry (in the style you have all become accustomed to) every fifteen minutes. That means, in 24 hours, I will post 96 separate times.

3. I ask WFME readers to pledge a monetary amount for each post. That means, if you pledge $.05, if I post my goal of 96 posts, you have to pony up around 5 bucks. And so on.

4. I don’t sleep, I post like crazy, and when all is said and done, everyone’s pledges go to the charity that has been chosen ahead of time.

What do you think? Is it something people would be in support of? Is it a waste of time? Do we think we might be able to raise a decent amount to give to a charity? Let me know your thoughts. I am still in the “rumination-stage” but seriously considering trying to do something good like this.

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