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Beware the Taxman!

I met with my accountant this morning. But before we address that, let’s talk about how you feel about me when I say “I met with my accountant this morning.”

I think you feel a bit overwhelmed, because you haven’t done your taxes yet.

I think you feel a bit annoyed, that I would shove that fact in your face on a Monday, no less.

I think you feel a bit isolated from the rest of the CPA scene and wonder how much schooling it might take you to get your own CPA license.

I think you feel a little sad that you went into Dentistry instead of CPA-istry.

I think you wonder if my accountant is a morning person, or he just meets people in the morning to get it over with, but then you wonder does he drink like 12 cups of coffee because it’s early and he’s not a morning person.

I think you feel a bit sad for me that I’m spending this much time talking about a guy who will basically make me pay money to the government… An institution who is (at this moment) installing cameras at all the big intersections in Los Angeles, in an attempt to catch me driving perilously through red-lights. And then milking me for $425.

I am waiting for the Taxman to call me back with the total damage. Fortunately, as a writer working in the Industry, you can write off a bunch of stuff that’s just, well, fun. Movies, music, DVDs, magazines, cable TV, blah blah blah. Entertainment is my gig, entertainment is my deduction. Hoo hah!

I hope there are no IRS people reading my blog.

In other news, I got a call today for a possible gig writing an opening comedy sketch for Dolly Parton, for the Country Music Awards. It’s not for sure, so don’t get all wiggy on me about it.

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