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  • Paul Davidson

Before They Were Stars…

I was rummaging through my old stuff this afternoon, cleaning out the bedroom for some upcoming construction work that is about to begin in my house — what I have officially dubbed “The Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and if they’re not done, Monday days of hellish contracting work that will be both disrupting and loud and which for I am paying dearly, oh yes.. It’s a little wordy, but I’m working on streamlining it for the t-shirts.

Nevertheless, I uncovered an old No Doubt t-shirt that I was given personally by Gwen Stefani, who came on my college cable access show down in O.C. just as they were finishing up their first album and way before they got famous. On the show, and I have the tapes still, they performed a few songs acoustically and sat down to talk about their influences and what not. Gwen’s brother was still with the group then, pre The Simpsons where he still may be working as an animator — and it’s been a trip to see how well the band has done over all these years.

The t-shirt I found, I had never worn, and had just been sucking up dust, but I looked at it and smiled as the fond memories of Gwen flooded back.

Minutes later I had placed it up on eBay.

It’s interesting how the idea of making a quick buck quickly causes one to either forget about or disregard memories of the past.

So go check it out and bid one million dollars.

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