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  • Paul Davidson

Back in Los Angeles

My week in Chicago has finally come to an end, and here I sit in wonderful Los Angeles, back at home. It’s good to be home.

Family trips to far away places where all family does is cook food and make you eat food and then join you as you sit on a fluffy comfortable “nap couch” can get tiring. (Not boring, fatiguing.) It was a fun time, but there’s just so much of relaxing one person can take over and over and over again. Plus, small-town Chicago (in the burbs) is a hilarious place to visit, if not only to see how different the midwest is from the west coast. I don’t think I saw any actual, real, regular healthy food anywhere. There was a lot of pizza, sugar and things in sauces. What can you do? You eat it.

In other news, Celebrity Mole Yucatan is almost upon us. As a Producer on the show, I am obviously plugging this hilarious, funny romp of a reality show and reminding you that it starts airing Wednesday, January 7th at 10pm on ABC. Check your local listings, and watch it. You’ll enjoy it.

Unless you hate reality TV. Then you’ll just hate me for recommending it.

Hope everyone’s having a great holiday season.

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