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  • Paul Davidson

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Latest TV Commercial: The Director’s Cut

Let me set the scene.

There’s currently a TV commercial running on California TV. It’s a political commercial that stars Arnold Schwarzenegger. He’s sitting at a lunch table along with a bunch of different ethnic citizens, bags of chips in the background at a lunch counter, and he’s dressed in a tie. And he’s talking…

“Do you know that for every dollar that the state takes in, the legislators spend one-dollar ten? And they can’t fix the problem, because they created it.”

We see a shot of an Asian woman, a red-headed caucasian woman and a white guy in a button down shirt all looking and listening like they’re really concentrating.

“It’s important that we put our financial house in order, to control our spending and to keep our taxes in check.”

And of course, that’s right when the commercial ends. Leaving me to continually imagine what came after his little lunchtime speech. I imagine people say things like:

“So, how was working with Richard Dawson on “The Running Man?”

“You gonna eat those Sun Chips?”

“It’s important that we put our finapple what in border? Can you say that all again, I didn’t quite understand you.”

“What’d he say?”

Seriously, it’s just so amusing to me to think about how this whole commercial went down. Arnold’s people had a casting session for all these unique looking citizens, then they were told to sit there and pretend like they were concerned and listening to what he had to say, and really, it’s hilarious to me.

Had Arnold just walked into some Californian lunch room and sat down with people to talk to them about this issue, the outcome would have been much more….let’s just call it – “unique”.

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