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Anal Linkage

Not to be confused with leakage.

Although before I get into what I’m going to talk about, can I just say that I think those potato chips that include Olestra (the chemical that makes them taste good but causes anal leakage) has got to be the funniest, most random food additive ever. I don’t know who picks up a bag of chips with Olestra and says to themselves, “Anal leakage? And I get to eat potato chips with hardly any calories? Sign me up! And get the depends!” But I’d sure like to meet them.

I’m anal when it comes to adding links on the left or right of my blog. That doesn’t mean I don’t visit a ton of great blogs with great writing. I do. On a daily basis. But I’m so anal about keeping my design looking clean and neat on the left and right, that I couldn’t sleep at night knowing there was a list a mile long with links. Instead, I wanted to give a bunch of shout-outs today to a bunch of blogs I read and why I find them worth checking out. I think you’ll agree.

And if you don’t — you may return your admission ticket for a full refund.

Super Rad #1 Go Go!: A blog written by a fellow Los Angeles-ian who has a great sense of humor and it translates in the writing. He’s also in a band, although I haven’t quite figured out the genre. I think it’s a new kind of hybrid hip-hop (they just signed a contract though). For quirky commentary and updated pretty reguarly, you should check it out.

I Smell Like a Genius: Damn funny writing, great stories with hilariously funny descriptions and a pretty cool logo (if you ask me).

This Afternoon in Drama: Written by the author Andrea Seigel (who has a book coming out this April), her writing is both intelligent and ironic. (Really, what IS irony?) I’ve just started perusing, but it looks like a promising read.

a.d.d. (another dissertation distraction): Written by a young twenty-something student who is going after her doctorate, it’s a fun quirky read — which is rare from a young lady going after her doctorate. Tongue planted firmly in cheek, she’s not just random… She’s random AND funny.

Syntax of Things: His blog’s subtitle says it all: One person’s crap is another person’s blog. Plus the minute by minute rain-storm report for San Diego is the epitome of priceless.

boing If you haven’t ever checked out this daily listing of all things hip, random, clever, weird, political or social — you should. Boing boing is a daily must-read for me, where I can usually find something quirky to obsess over. (Including cool toys.)

Here Goes: For anyone just starting their own blog, this recultant writer is a part of your clan. Intelligently covering more serious topics along with tracking her new experience in writing her blog; it’s a neat look into the mind of someone who’s testing the waters of online journaling.

Jessica Lee Jernigan: When you’re like me, and you are always looking for beauty tips and the inside scoop on all things “women”, Jessica’s site is for you. It’s even pink. What did you expect?

Prepare to Meet Your Bakerina: Recipes, recipes, recipes with a sense of humor. Bakerina is a baker. She divides her time among talking about food, telling you about how to make food, displaying pictures of the inside of bread and talking about life. It makes me hungry, maybe that’s why I like it.

Every once in awhile I’ll post some more shout-outs to other blogs as I come across them. I’m always on the look-out for funny-weird stuff. If you visit any that are unique and a favorite of yours, post it below in a comment!

Thanks to all the blogs above for some fun daily reading!

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