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  • Paul Davidson

A Whole New World

So, if I plan on being honest — I have to tell the whole story on why (over the course of one day) I ended up switching blog servers, transferred over all my old posts, took time out to develop a few new graphics with Photoshop and told no one until this very minute… In a nutshell, it was all the cause of…

Drum roll please…


Really, I should have been writing today — but instead I started tooling around the web, and came across this great service called TypePad. Really, for a very low price it offered me a whole new world of blog features that include the commenting feature, the neato-keeno archived calendar at the right, a cool picture of my mug and ways of actually, really, totally tracking the traffic to the site. Not to mention, 100mb of space and the ability to upload any kind of file I want for my readers to peruse.

My home movies will be up tomorrow — especially the one where I’m five years old and I get one of those cool spedometers for my bike, and it’s me riding around the corner looking feverishly at the spedometer, trying to get it up as high as I can, but not seeing the parked car in front of me. CRASH.

Maybe I won’t upload it.

Either way, I hope the change of scenery wasn’t too much of a struggle for anyone, and I hope we can still all get along because when it all comes down to it there isn’t enough Marshmallow Fluff to go around for everyone. Just us.

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