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A Day of Trail Mix

You’ll be happy to know that the move to the new production offices went smoothly, and made me extremely happy when I found out that the kitchen had been stocked with trail mix. And so I ate trail mix as I worked, and it made me happy.

I believe trail mix has healing properties. Especially those rotten looking orangey things that are supposed to be mangos but taste like dehydrated eraser with a hint of tangerine.

This could be a very good week for little ‘ol Pauly D. But because I live with the belief that by talking about things, other things fall apart, I attempt to be as ambiguous as possible. And so, I give you my list of things that may happen, as long as I don’t talk about them specifically.

1. That thing I mentioned the other day, I’m waiting to hear something back from you know who on what I finished for them.

2. This other thing that I never mentioned to you, will resolve itself at the end of this week. If it resolves itself in a positive way, my debt may disappear forever.

3. That third thing that I absolutely never mentioned and never even thought about until this week (because I got an e-mail updating me on the schedule) resolves itself on Friday. If that goes my way, well, I’ll be extremely happy.

4. That contractual issue that is close to being signed, sealed and delivered will possibly help me move forward on something you’ve heard me mention before. So, be happy. Rejoice.

5. I have to put air in my tires.

In other news, I can no longer sit by idly as HGTV’s Curb Appeal plays in the background.

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