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2004, More

I woke up in 2004 with a sore throat and my hair more messed up than its ever been in any morning of 2003. It got me wondering — what’s the significance of that? I came up with a few ideas: My hair’s new year’s resolution is to go out in different directions, and try new things.

My pillow’s “hair-style keeping” features expired in 2003.

My sore-throat caused me to toss and turn and rub my head into oblivion.

Seriously, though (although I was serious and always am about messed-up hair), 2004 has arrived in a crazy-fast time; so much so that it amazes me we’re still not living in 1985, when I lived a fairly care-free life watching movies, eating candy and doing some kind of schooling. Thems were the days. But now, in 2004, I find myself well… today I’m going to watch some movies and finish that See’s candy one pound box of candy — but no schooling. So I guess nothing much has changed.

In a perfect world, 2004 will bring me the following things or accomplishments:

1. My second book gets picked up and published. 2. My current script finds a director and is set up at a studio. 3. We sell our house and buy a new one. 4. I continue to work and write for TV, with some steps up the ladder. 5. I complete at least 2-3 new projects (screenplays, TV episodes, etc) 6. Happiness… 7. Health… 8. Hepafilters.

Nothing in the above list is either out of my league or ludicrous. Well, except for getting another hepafilter — Bed, Bath & Beyond are SOLD OUT of those damn things.

Go figure.

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