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"The Small Stuff is a witty novel with a big heart. Paul Davidson has a clear eye for small details and grand gestures, resulting in a story that would charm even the most hardened cynic."

ELIZABETH GONZALEZ JAMES, author of "Mona at Sea"

"Romantic and charming, this book will make you believe in the bumps, twists and turns on the road trip to love."

"Funny, insightful, and charming as hell, The Small Stuff is a meditation on love, fate, and free will that plays out like a classic romantic comedy. It's part Nora Ephron, part Philip K. Dick."

MELISSA MAERZ, author of "Alright, Alright, Alright"

"The Small Stuff is such a sweet, funny, romantic read. With a brilliant and quirky cast, each charmingly written, this story will cling to readers' thoughts days after finishing the final pages."

"The Small Stuff is an utterly charming romcom hangout of a book, full of snarky pop culture wit and a languid L.A. vibe that'll make fans of PT Anderson feel right at home."

DAVID YOON, NYT Best-Selling author of "Frankly in Love"

"In our age of revamps, revivals, and resurrections, this is finally, an old story, boy meets girl, told in a truly new way. Inventive, hilarious and uncomfortably insightful, The Small Stuff is a big deal."

NIA VARDALOS, NYT Best-Selling author of "Instant Mom"

ANN GARVIN, USA Today Best-Selling author of "I Thought You Said This Would Work"

LUKE GEDDES, author of "Heart of Junk"




Paul Davidson is an author and screenwriter who has spent years working in Hollywood, as well as the maddeningly hilarious world of tech behemoths.

He lampooned Corporate America in his first book Consumer Joe (Random House) and imagined what the world would have been like if historical figures had been able to blog in The Lost Blogs (Hachette).

His writing has been featured in Wired and the Los Angeles Times and he also hosts the film commentary podcast The Side Track.

His debut fiction novel, The Small Stuff will be released Spring 2022 from Hadleigh House Publishing.

Paul lives in Los Angeles with his wife, two daughters, and their dog Samson.



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