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Inspired by true events, Company of Foos is a whip-smart, pop-culture fueled fiction fable that peels back the curtain on today's most powerful tech companies, laughs at just how they get the job done, and asks: can a family man pursuing his dream job actually be living a nightmare?

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The Small Stuff is a romantic comedy for the new millennium and asks the ultimate question: what if the reason we find the love of our life isn’t due to fate or chance or plain dumb luck, but because of the decisions everyone around us ends up making instead?

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In the bestselling tradition of The Lazlow Letters and Letters from a Nut, screenwriter Paul Davidson has been firing off humble but humorous letters to Fortune 500 companies to find answers to such hot-button questions like why hasn’t Minute Maid begun to sell an all pulp, juice-free product yet, and whether it’s safe to microwave a bowl of Marshmallow Fluff on high for ten minutes. And the funny thing is . . . consumer-care departments everywhere have been writing back to him, addressing his queries with deadpan seriousness.



Over 13,000,000 people are currently blogging with thousands being created each day. But what about the blogs you haven't seen, written by the iconic men and women you're dying to know the most intimate details about but who died before the internet was invented? 

This original take on the biggest literary development since the paperback offers 200 blogs inspired by the most famous minds in history, detailing their hysterical personal revelations. In this book Paul Davidson proves that matters, proving there's no such thing as "too much information."

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