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  • Paul Davidson

Out of This World

NASA’s Mars Exploration Rover Spirit landed on Mars last night and is sending pictures to Earth with a delay of only nine minutes. Speed of light, eh buddy? Pretty crazy.

How do we know it isn’t just a desert here on Earth?

I’ll tell you this – it’s pretty damn amazing that we have the technology to send a ship into space, land it on a foreign planet and then send back pictures at the delay rate of nine minutes. It frustrates me actually, that this country hasn’t made more strides in getting space travel and exploration going at a quicker rate. On the same token, there’s so much that hasn’t been explored here on Earth, below the sea. There’s SO MUCH down there we have not found.

I sort of wonder, if NASA ever found remnants of an old civilization on MARS, would they ever release the pictures to the world? Or would they keep them quiet, for fear of upsetting religious leaders and people that don’t want the World to even seriously consider life on other planets?

That and “is the Universe infinite?” are my ambiguous questions for the day. Note the time.

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