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Words For <i>Your</i> Enjoyment: List Numbering

(Ye Old English Trumpets, Here)

Once again, dear readers, another weekly edition of “Words For Your Enjoyment”! This week’s idea was not so much an idea itself but the way in which the idea was presented to me by dear fellow (Knighted) reader, Chase.

Chase sent me a list of many ideas, but what struck me about them was the way in which he numbered them.

Aaah, numbering.

First of all, people LOVE lists. I know many of them out there and if you’re reading this right now, you probably do, too. In fact, you probably have a unique personal way in which you make your lists. Some of you number, some of you use lowercase letters, some of you use bullet-points, indentations, italics, bold, double-spaces…

Some of you make your lists then use highlighters to cross off things, some of you write all your to-do items on post-it’s and toss them away when they’re completed; while others record vocal notes and lists, print them up on the computer and/or write them on their bare hands.

You’re all crazy.

My personal favorite listing theme is the “bolded-numbered, underlined description and sub-lowercase lettered/highlighted when completed” list. Here’s an example:

Pauly’s To Do List

1. Find that missing remote control mouse before someone else in the neighborhood does and then finds out that you have a collection of remote control mice, manufactured in Denmark. a. but maybe i want the world to find out that i collect such toys?

I think that the way people make lists define their personality. I think that the way people make lists, is a mirror image of their childhood (crazy, long-winded, fun, very conservative, etc). I think that the way people make lists should be made into a book.

Don’t you think?

I could take everyone who has a list, rip a page out of their list, then publish it in a big huge book I’d call “My Book of Lists”. Even though it really wouldn’t be a book of my own lists, but instead it’d be a book of all your lists, still we’d have fun just flipping through everyone’s lists and wondering if they had a happy childhood.

Next week: People’s favorite scented markers.

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