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  • Paul Davidson

Wired Words

You knew it was just a matter of time, right?

I’m pleased to announce that my first contribution to Wired Magazine hits stands just about now, and looks into the inner-workings of one of the most eerie pieces of artificial intelligence built into an AIM chatbot. Called “This Smartbot is a Smartass,” you can find it in the February issue of Wired Magazine (pg. 50) — hitting stands now.

And for fans of Wired’s great back-page “Found” feature, stay tuned — the March edition of the mag (and back page) is all about the Pauly D.

Pick it up! (You can buy it too, but picking it up is the least I can ask. And while you’re picking it up, I want you to scream to the heavens something like “Kahhhhhn!” or “Why have you forsaken meeeeee!”)

That should get you some attention.

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