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Will Power & Clue Guessing

Will power comes in many forms.

There’s the will power to not eat bad food, the will power to not tell someone what you really think of them and the will power to not defacate in your clean, white pants.

I choose to be clean. I also choose to eat two huge pizzas and a bag of Doritos.

From all this food talk, some might think I’m a load. But alas, I’m not. Although if I didn’t go to the gym and throw up after every meal, well then I might put on a few pounds. But until my teeth fall out from the acid that comes up when I purge in the lavatory, I’ll continue to do it.

Psyche! I don’t do that.

What you’ve just witnessed is a new game I’ve decided to call “PSYCHE!”. I think it could rival Candid Camera as the most groundbreaking, hilarious hidden camera show ever. Here’s how it works:

1. You’re just an innocent person walking on the street.

2. You see someone crap their pants.

3. You say, “Oh my god I can’t believe that guy just crapped his pants that’s the grossest thing I’ve ever seen and I can guarantee you I’ll probably tell about twenty people over the next ten days about this guy I saw on the street who crapped their pants and it’ll just be hilarious even though at the time it was gross.”

4. The smarmy but funny host comes out of the bushes and says, “Psyche!, you’re on the hilarious new hidden camera show called Pysche! So, psyche out on you my friend!”

I think maybe saying the word “Psyche!” more than once may get repetitive, so I will decide upon another word to follow up the first utterance of the word “Psyche!”. So, maybe we go with:

“Psyche! You’re on the hilarious new hidden camera show called, well, the first word that I mentioned to you when I first jumped out of the bushes! Hahahahaha. Got you!

If you’ve ever visited, and while there you happened to visit the Celebrity Mole Yucatan discussion boards, especially since Wednesday, you’ll be amazed at how silly these people are with their “I know who the Mole Is” guessing. It’s sort of crazy how much time and effort people put into the “so-called clues”.

It’s funny, too.

On a totally unrelated note, I plan on seeing House of Sand and Fog tonight, which is supposedly a really depressing movie about some woman who loses her house to some foreigner. I love uplifting movies.

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