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I am MR, PAULEE DEE with words that which you should listen to intently. My entire collection of releatives who all do nothing but good for the world has been detained in a place called the Khadhra Insular just outside of places unknown. They are desperate to rejoin my inner circle of connectivity and familial relations but our monies have become inundated with animal reflection.

All of their propertys hav been desroyed. However, as I was the MR, PAULEE DEE with resources above and beyond expectations, my freedom was guaranteed to the greatest of all united state. Here, I have enjoyed freedom yes but not they have not. Now, not having access to the great funds responsible for the DEE family’s recalculation, I am asking you WA-FA-MELEE readers to contribute to the goodness of all.

Our funds are large. Over $20.5 Million (twenty hundred thousand and five) kept in hiding in the greatest of banks worldwide. But without a fax which you have contributed to us, there will be no day out in the sun for said twenty-hundreds. Your help is greatly appreciated with father-son simplicity.

My offers to you as MR, PAULEE DEE is mentioned due to your consistent and happy attention for the time WA-FA-MELEE has been in its upsurgence. For the $20.5 Million (two hundred five thousand and sixty nine) you shall be getting 5% of the total 15% out of 2.9% of the total thousand hundreds. This will be delivered to you, WA-FA-MELEE reader…when your faxing of the documents has been received.

I wish you send me replies before answering. Once you have done so, my funds of the DEE family calcitration will find its way into 7 working days of an account. Funds are safe, sealed in darkness and happy like the animal calls of the wild.



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