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  • Paul Davidson

Today’s Ill-Educated Bilingual Thoughts on Eating Cookie-Dough

Aaah, cookie dough.

Aaah, dough de cookie.

I remember back in the 80’s when cookie dough first hit the supermarkets and people were going crazy over stuffing un-cooked dough and sugar and chocolate chips into their mouths just for the sake of it.

Recurerdo en los 80’s, cuando dough de cookie romper los supermercados y los gente fue ir loco de stuffar un dough de cookie y sugar y chipso de chocolat en las bocas simplamente por que es lo sake.

Then, of course, Ben & Jerry’s jumped on the cookie dough bandwagon, ensnaring most of society with their promises of un-cooked dough and sugar and chocolate chips with the ultimate promise that we would not get salmonella poisoning or balloon up to the size of a house.

Entonces, Ben y Jerry rompan a la dough de cookie wagon de bandito, ensnaros los sociedad con los promisos de dough de cookie y sugar y chipisimos de chocolaten con el promiso ultimo que nosotros no reciben los poisoning de salmonella o el sizo de las casas!

Today, people go around buying those huge rolls of raw cookie dough and sit at home eating them like candy bars. They watch their movies and their TV shows and ingest huge rods of raw dough just because someone, sometime in our past indirectly told them that, yes, it was okay to eat raw, uncooked food — just to make themselves millionaires off our pure, raw stupidity.

Hoy, la gente venden rollos de hugo de dough de raw de cookie, y comen se bars de candy. Miramos los peliculas y television y ingestar los hugos rodos de dough de raw. Simplemente por que, la gente, muchos anos proximo, dicen que, “Si. Es bueno a comer dough de cookie.” Simplemente a creatar muchas dollares que es nosotros dollares — no tengo dollares por que la gente comen dough de cookie el rawo.

I think for once, you’ll agree with me that the whole eating raw cookie dough thing is sickening, wrong, and a little bit of the mind-control thrown in. Americans have been hoodwinked into eating an uncooked food simply because cooking it costs so much more and why cook food when you can convince people to buy raw food, thus making more money in the process?

Las palabras de Pablo es muy bueno.

Thank you for that.

No problemo, Pablo.

No really, I appreciate the compliment.

Reeeally, es no problemo, buddy-boy.


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