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  • Paul Davidson

The One Thousand Seven Hundred Dollar Man

One thousand, seven hundred dollars.

It’s a lot of money. Especially if it’s the amount of money you get from taking all your change in that annoying little wicker basket you keep next to your bedside table down to the Supermarket’s little change machine which magically changes “change” into paper money (after an 8 cents/per dollar commission.)

That’s not how I got it.

I had decided, recently, that Compact Discs were a thing of the past. Mind you, they’re still selling them, sure… But I was going to do what I didn’t do with the damn 8-track tapes and the cassettes, and I was going to get out before they went obsolete. So what did I do? I took every damn CD I owned (over 1500) and burned them into my iTunes on my iMac. I was, to coin a brand new phrase, “i-Smart”.

It took me well over three months to do it.

When I was done — I had a huge drive filled with all my CD’s. Then I sold absolutely every CD I now had in my big drive and used the money to buy what some have called silly (since I already had one) — but I call, extra-smart. I purchased a laptop.

Now, with all my music in a digital format and the iPod and the iMac and my “iSmarts” and the fact that “I” know how to use all my iMachines, I am a man filled with joy and more storage space on my shelves for all the DVDs I keep buying.

Man, do I sure own a lot of DVDs. I wonder if there’s a way to burn those all into something, too. Then I could use the money I get from selling those to buy a portable DVD player for the car.

It’s a never-ending, time-wasting process. A process that is constantly going on while I should actually, probably be writing.

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