• Paul Davidson

The New Site

It's been a long time coming, but it was finally time for a face-lift from the old static page that was, a long time ago, called Words for My Enjoyment.

The original site was created in preparation of releasing my first book, Consumer Joe: Harassing Corporate America, One Letter at a Time. Then continued up into the release of my second book, The Lost Blogs: From Jesus to Jim Morrison. All along the way, it was a great thrill to build a community around the books and the blog, with thousands of posts and hundreds of thousands of visitors on a monthly basis.

Since then, the site was kept up for old times' sake, but this latest refresh comes with a few goals in mind.

First, it's a clean way to give people the 411 on the first two books, where to get them, and how to reach out for other book related questions or comments. Second, it's in preparation of another announcement that will be coming in the next few months.

Yes, I'm baiting you. But all in good time.

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