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  • Paul Davidson

The Illogical Factor

I know this guy.

He goes around using the phrase “that’s illogical” at least five times per every conversation you have with him. Tell him you just saw Oprah on TV talking to Jamie Foxx and he’ll tell you “that’s illogical.” Ask him what he thinks he wants to get for dinner, suggest a certain type of food, and he’ll tell you “that’s illogical.” Ask him if he likes American Midol and he’ll unload on you about the whole “illogicalness of it all.”

And he doesn’t even like Star Trek.

I often asked him why he uses the phrase “that’s illogical” instead of “no way” or “you’re kidding me” or “that’s just plain crazy, dude” and he says that my questions are bordering on “the illogical” and that if I can rephrase the question in the form of “a logic sentence with proper structure” he’s more than happy to answer it.

I just think he’s an ass.

Really, what is the purpose of using phrases that no one else uses? Why do people do it? Personally, I believe that this guy and his whole “illogical theme” is something he’s doing to make himself stand out. Something he’s doing to draw attention to himself. Something he’s doing that will, in five years, still have not contributed to him finding a woman to settle down with.

Illogical, I know.

I have other friends, who also use strange never-before heard phrases for the same reason (I believe). Their phrases range from “goo-yah!” to express enthusiasm, “blisterin’ baby” to refer to something that’s hot, “the I-factor” to describe something so inconceivable that it’s, well, illogical… And of course, the winner of them all is a friend’s desire to constantly say “B-Onion” to refer to someone having not just smelly body odor, but having body odor so bad that it deserves to be called “B-Onion.”

You’re asking yourself, where the hell does Pauly D find his friends?

It’s a good question.

In other news, I had the great honor of interviewing Garth Jennings yesterday (the director of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy film, due out April 29th) via telephone while he was finishing up the score for the movie. Other than the fact that he’s a down-to-earth, personable guy…the best part is knowing how dedicated he was to making sure this movie represented Douglas Adams’ vision. The only reason he decided to do the movie was because the script was so damn good. And the reason the script was so damn good? Adams wrote it. (This piece will hit Wired Mag in the May issue.)

In additional other news, Design on a Dime continues to do secret stuff here at the homestead. After shooting the initial opening to the show last week, they’ve now been working in privacy yesterday and today — Thursday I’m not even allowed to be near the house for 12 hours. Come Friday morning, it’s the big reveal where I either cry uncontrollably because I hate what they’ve done, or I come out swinging — in an attempt to knock out the camera man. Either way, it’s sure to be a blast.

Oh, and welcome to the month of March. It’s my favorite month of the year because I can re-arrange the words that make up the name of the month, and turn them into Charm which is part of my favorite cereal (Lucky Charms), part of a bracelet I once gave someone special (Charm Bracelet) and the name of a blogger who’s worth checking out.

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