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  • Paul Davidson

The Bachelorette and American Idol

I’ll admit at least this: I can’t get enough of the reality TV.

The funny thing is, reality television has been with us since the dawn of time — when cavemen looked at their brethren as they ran with spears after their prey; they just did it by making a camera lens with their two hands (like most Directors do these days) and watched from that perspective. But yes, there was no Nielsen ratings. It was just the cavemen, the prey and the on-lookers. Really, it all comes down to voyeurism.

Seriously, though — it’s like no one ever remembers the old Star Search show or The Real World (which premiered like 10 years ago) or Candid Camera or the Chuck Woolery hosted Love Connection and Scrabble. I’m going to go ahead and show you something pretty damn amazing. Ok. You sitting down? No, not kneeling. Sit.

Candid Camera equals The Jamie Kennedy Experiment Star Search equals American Idol Love Connection equals Blind Date and The Bachelorette The Real World equals The Osbournes, Nick & Jessica, The Simple Life, etc. The $25,000 Pyramid equals Who Wants to Be A Millionaire Celebrity Mole Yucatan equals Battle of the Network Stars

Ok, have you had enough? Do you see what I see? Reality Television has always been with us. It was never an overnight sensation. Yet the media continues to whine and complain about how reality TV has come out of nowhere to ruin TV. Mind you, from a writer’s perspective — a writer who would prefer to be writing comedic/dramatic scripts with stories and dialogue, it’s not so hot. But that’s not the thesis here.

I think I’ve made my point. I think you all agree. And for that, we must lay down our heads and pray to the Gods (Jamie Kennedy).

American Idol last night started (in my mind) the progressive downward spiral that it always does after the crappy singers leave the stage. Paula, Randy and Simon no longer have any control. Although the best quote of the night was Simon who said, “The thing about your performance, is that it was sort of like Chinese Food…” The singer, in some attempt to save themselves says, “But I like Chinese food…” But Simon retorts, “Right, but once you eat Chinese food, ten minutes later you’re still hungry for more…like your performance. We wanted [insert fancy French concocction here], but you gave us sweet and sour pork.”

It was funny. I don’t know if I’ll continue to watch.

And tonight, The Bachelorette continues, although I sort of sleepwalk through watching that show simply because the girl (Meredith) isn’t that engaging. Jen actually met her at a party a few weeks ago and thought she was so nice and they talked for awhile…but does that mean anything to the critic over here? Nope.

Don’t forget to watch Celebrity Mole Yucatan tonight at 10/9pm Central on ABC. If you sit through the end credits and don’t blink, and pause your TiVo and get out a magnifying glass and stick your face up to the TV screen while using some kind of technologically advanced item that can sharpen the text on the TV screen, you may just see my name in the credits.

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