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Sneak Preview of <i>Untitled Ancient Caveman Action Story</i>

Untitled Ancient Caveman Action Story.

Yes, it is only a “working title” for right now, and will be replaced when the Publisher gets into the mix. I am, for all intents and purposes branching out from my last book Consumer Joe. I decided that what better way to one-up a book of hilarious letters, then sit down and pen a dramatic action serial about ancient cavemen.

And Untitled Ancient Caveman Action Story was born.

The subject of my next book is different from all other books ever published. (They do say you’ve got to find an idea that is unique and go with it.) I am creating my own genre, basically. And that genre is what I like to call, The Untitled Ancient Caveman Action Story Genre. It does not fall into Romance, no sir. (Although there is a passionate romance between Oongala and Pssshta.) It does not fall into the Mystery category, no way. (Although there is a moment when Oongala can’t figure out why the Earth rumbles and tries to determine with his puny little brain if there are powerful beings in the sky who are doing it.) It does not fall into the genres of Sci-Fi, Historical or the Occult. (Although there are moments when groups of crazed ancient cavemen run for their lives from a pack of wild Raptors that happen to have laser-sights on their heads and who look like little devils.)

Untitled Ancient Caveman Action Story is my way of expressing my own hopes, dreams and lifetime challenges through the character of Oongala, a 30-something caveman (which was damn old for those days) who was creative (he figured out how to drink water from the stream with his cupped hands), who was quick (he could run fast from the gigantic man-eater T-Rex) and who expressed his thoughts and feelings with the written word (he sketched things on cave walls). Oongala is me, and that makes the Untitled Ancient Caveman Action Story even more of a passion project for me.

“The monkeys screeched and yelled at each other, wielding the bones of dead cavemen as their weapons of choice… And then one, the leader Gigshiod, threw the collar bone of his latest conquest high into the sky. It went up, and up and up as the monkeys danced around in circles… Some have said it went high enough to end up in the darkened star-filled night sky…”

The opening paragraph of Untitled Ancient Caveman Action Story sets up the entire heartbreaking story of Oongala. The quest to find the apes who killed his father, who stole the bananas from the locked cave entrance, and who prevented him from winning the hand of his beloved cavewoman, Christine.

“Oongala looked at Christine, who stood behind her caveman-friend Jujitsu. “Why don’t you want to hang out with me?” asked Oongala. “Because you have a bum leg,” Christine shot back. “Yeah,” Jujitsu confirmed. “What she said.”

The heartbreak of a relationship so destined for Oongala, but then ripped from his bare, sweaty, hairy, non-opposable thumbed palms, is more than Oongala can take. And it sets off a chain of events that causes a story that could normally have been characterized as an Untitled Ancient Caveman Love Story into an Untitled Ancient Caveman Action Story.

I have my proposal all worked up with sketches and a sample chapter, but I just wanted to share the above few passages with all of you to get your honest opinions. I trust you. Your honest evaulation will transform the Untitled Ancient Caveman Action Story from an amazing idea with amazing writing into the Pulitzer Prize winning novel it is destined to be.

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