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Production Diary 1.507

A week from Monday we will be done with Production.

That means that a week from Monday I will be packing up my things getting ready to return to the place I call Los Angeles. The place of Angels. The place where I can wake up in December, look out the window, and be pleased that I can go surfing at the beach.

You know, if I actually could surf.

There was a time a bunch of years ago when I attempted to try and learn how to surf. But there was one thing I could never get past. You attach your leg to the surfboard with this velcro-ankle collar (not much different than the house arrest collar) and close it around your leg. This thing will NOT OPEN. Then that’s connected via an unbreakable cord to this huge long board. The board that will, at some point, get sucked down into the undertow and cause you and your leg to follow close behind.

I’m much more a fan of boogie boards or sitting in my house.

. . .

I feel like I’ve been in Dallas forever now. Really, it’s only been like 3 weeks or something short like that, but when there are no weekends and your hours are ungodly, you just hover through the days accomplishing tasks and goals and putting most of your other concerns on the back-burner. Mind you, there’s no forgetting the people at home, but most everything else from bills to current projects I was working on before I left take a backseat for a few weeks.

I do have to pat myself on the back and say that I’m extremely proud of myself so far with the keeping up on this blog. I have, everyday, actually been able to post a piece of writing that I am pleased with. That was definitely a huge fear of mine when I left L.A. — that this thing I had become so happy with (i.e. the writing on this blog) would be pushed to the side when something far more time-consuming popped up in it’s place (i.e. being on this show). But by being able to continue writing, I have proved one very important thing to myself that people are always saying about writing…

If you love to write and you want to write then you will always find time to write every day.

I have gone through horrible mindblowing blocks over the past few years, and I have never written every single day of every year. But now that I have an outlet that cries for my daily attention, I am extremely pleased with my dedication.

I also must thank everyone who swings by (ok, I’m going to cry now…no I’m not, it’s just allergies) because writing without feedback is probably the worst fear of all writers. We write to be heard. We write to cause a dialogue…

We write for food.

In other news — I have determined that although I am supposed to be allergic to cheese, I had part of a quesadilla today and although I’m feeling a bit dizzy I think I’m not allergic to cheese. Woah, room spinning.

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