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Production Diary 1.430

I’m sorta diggin’ this Star Trek-esque numbering I’ve got going on with the 1.430 thing.

Today was a long day that could have gone even longer had I decided to stay around the set. It was, for all intents and purposes, and awesome day with really great stuff. When the show airs you will so know what I mean when I say that Cuban has personality and is personable with others. He is not a stand-offish Trump whose personal conversations all originate from cue cards. The show is damn cool.

Then, on my ride back to the hotel tonight I experienced a really strange thing. There was rain, yes, but the sky kept lighting up like a strobe light. And periodically there was this rumbling sound. I had to pull over and call a few people to figure out what in God’s name was going on.

Apparently the people in Dallas call this a “thunder storm.” Go figure.

If you can believe it, I will have been in Dallas two weeks as of this Wednesday, and back in Los Angeles about two weeks from then. And then it is back to the Los Angeles grind…wrapping up this gig in town and then trying to see what’s coming next. Sometimes it’s just damn fun to have no idea what’s coming next.

In other news — something that is coming up next, but is a little premature to mention is that Consumer Joe has been chosen by Barnes & Noble for their “Humorous, Helpful & Odd” tables in July. That means that B&N will preorder enough books to have some on said table in every B&N across the country in that month. It shows a great deal of support from them and my reps at Broadway Books and could very well mean a wider audience for the book or maybe even a third printing.

Go, Joe!

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