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Oh, The Things That I Do!

I’m feeling extremely guilty. Guilty that I let a week and a day lapse between my last entry. Guilty that I abandoned all my followers in the blink of an eye. Guilty that I ate that carton of rice pudding. Fortunately, it was a productive week, so stop your whining.

First things first! Consumer Joe has miraculously snagged some more great press this past weekend. There was the awesome review in last Sunday’s San Jose Mercury News, and a weird mention about the book in an article in the Raleigh Plain Observer. The first one is easy — it’s a great review. The second one is some kind of commentary on reality TV and prank letters, although I’m not quite sure how. If you read it, and can figure it out, please tell me.

Second things second! I finished my Joan of Arcadia TV spec today. As you can obviously tell, when I’m writing every day in an attempt to reach a deadline, most other things fall to the side. It’s always the case, and I’m obviously not great at multi-tasking when it comes to being creative. But what the hell — I’ve got a good sample for that show, one that will go to agents and what not, in an attempt to hook up some TV writing gigs in the upcoming new season.

Fan of the show? Well, my episode involves God telling Joan that she’s got to join the talent show, and compete doing her own stand-up comedy routine. Along the way, she meets a kid who is also trying to do the same thing, when not being beat-up by the local hoodlums. Joan does her best to give the kid his own self-confidence; exactly what she suspects God has wanted her to do. But God’s ways are mysterious, and in the end it’s something different he/she/it wanted her to get out of the experience.

Not a fan of the show? Forget what I just wrote.

More exciting news: My screenplay, H20 (which is too complicated to explain here) is going into all the major studios this week now that we have a big-name Producer attached to the project. I won’t say who the Producer is but one of his movies is coming out soon (you’ve seen the trailers) and all his credits are virtually a who’s who of well-known movie titles. So, what does it all mean? If I’m a lucky bastard (which I haven’t been up to this point), some studio will buy the screenplay. If I’m not lucky, it will get me a bunch of meetings and then — I go back to eating rice pudding again.

And on a totally unrelated note — I am a bit concerned about TiVo being it’s own version of Big Brother (re: 1984). When the whole Janet’s boob thing went down, TiVo released an article that said that during that boob-moment, they calculated that the use of the “Pause Live TV” and “Rewind Live TV” buttons on the TiVo remote, went up 180% than normal usage. Which means?

It means that TiVo has some way of keeping track of what you watch, record, rewind, pause, etcetera. I found that to be a little disconcerting – especially because I’ve been watching a lot of Mr. Ed and ALF lately. Is that a knock at the door? The people from the institution?

Thanks, TiVo.

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