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  • Paul Davidson

Non-Scary Clown Moment #45

The clown stared at the man behind the counter. He slid him a variety of items. Balloons and cupcakes and candles and make-up remover. The man behind the counter looked up at the clown, dressed to the nines in typical clown-wear.

It was a stare-down. Plain and simple.

“You a clown?” the clerk wondered.

The clown had heard this before. He had been faced with these moments throughout his life.

“Yes. I am a clown,” the clown replied.

“Cool,” said the clerk.

“Thanks for being so cool to me, being a clown and all,” said the clown.

“I like clowns,” said the clerk. “They make me happy.”

The two shared a smile as the clerk looked down to the items the clown wanted to purchase.

“Go ahead,” the clerk said. “It’s on me.”

“Man, that’s really nice of you,” said the clown.

“Like I said,” said the clerk, “I am a big fan of clowns.”

The clown extended his white hand.

“Put ‘er there,” said the clown.

“Oh yeah!” said the clerk.

They shook hands, and the clown was on his way.

It was, to say the least, a totally happy, fully heart-warming, non-scary clown moment.

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