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  • Paul Davidson

My New Best Friend, Regina Spektor

Okay. I’m smitten.

I recently came across a Russian-born NYC-based singer named Regina Spektor who is sort of a mix between Sarah McLachlan and Bjork (but more than that). And even that doesn’t do justice to her amazing vocals, awesome musical ability and great songwriting talent.

Within minutes of hearing her song Us, off her album Soviet Kitsch, I had already purchased two of her CD’s.

Strangely, her CD’s cannot be found on mainstream sites like CDNow or, you have to purchase it from an Oregon based independent CD distributer called CD Baby. Whatever it takes, baby. Whatever it takes.

Did I mention I want to be her best friend? No? Oh, okay.

Update 6/28/04: Per Regina Spektor’s management, the album Soviet Kitsch (which is now permanently sold out at CD Baby) will be officially released on August 3rd by Sire Records at stores everywhere. FYI.

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