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Memorial Day MP3

You loved “Words For Your Enjoyment.” You screamed over “End of the Month Elephant Story.” And now, you can cry in happiness over the newest addition to the WFME calendar year…

Memorial Day MP3!

That’s right. Once a year (because if I only do it once a year the chances of getting arrested by the RIAA won’t be nearly as feasible) I will be serving up an MP3 that is dear to my heart that you, YES YOU, can download for free.

This year’s free MP3 is “Two Hearts Beat as One” by U2. But this ain’t no everyday normal U2 song. This is off an unreleased live CD that was put out as a promotional disc back in the early 80’s that you can’t find anywhere. Not even at the famed iTunes music store.

Aaah, back when U2 was less polished and more, well, Irish. Before the rest of the world jumped on the U2 bandwagon. (Don’t you hate it when you’re a huge fan of a band and then they become famous and everyone is like, “Man, I’ve loved ______ since they started writing music!” when in reality they didn’t know about them until they had a #1 song?)

I spit on them. Pah-tooie.

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