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  • Paul Davidson

Lights, Wireless Phone, Paranormal Action!

There’s something eerie going on in my house.

Here’s the chain of events as I have witnessed them… First, the large halogen light in the corner of my den (which is already at its highest setting) goes extremely bright. It lights up the room to the point of it being almost as bright as our Sun. Second, the phone rings. Third, when the phone has been answered, the halogen light goes back to its highest setting, which is a shade less bright than the Sun.

This happens every time the phone rings.

At first I wondered if we had some kind of communication-deprived ghost living in the house. Each time he (or she) sensed that the phone was about to ring, the apparition got excited with anticipation that quite possibly it was a call for them. Thus causing the spike in energy in the room, causing the halogen to get brighter. Then, when the ghost realized that indeed the call wasn’t for her/him when I started talking to my people on the phone… their excitement waned, thus the light returning to its normal exposure level.

When I decided that there was no way I had a high-maintenance communication-deprived apparition living among me in my house, I thought that maybe it was a ghost in someone else’s house. That, each time someone planned on calling me, the ghost on the other end of the line got so excited to hear the conversation that their energy shot a surge through the phone line, into my house’s electrical lines and into the lamp.

That just sounded way too silly.

My third idea, which has become my final conclusion is that someone from beyond is trying to communicate with me via morse code, using the flashing light as that morse code, but unfortunately only learned the letter “B” in morse code class before they died (they missed most of their morse code night class due to other “more important” activities which were really useless wastes of their time), which has resulted in limited morse code via the light by the continued repeating of the letter “B” “B” “B”.

I have figured that quite possibly, the morse coded “B” could be referring to a word that starts with the letter “B” that the person from the beyond is trying to communicate to me. Those possible words include:

Bereaved Bring-It! Bubblegum Bronchial Mitosis Bumblebee Bastard Boring Brentwood, Former Home of O.J. Simpson

If indeed my third hypothesis about this strange event is correct, then I have a soul of one who has passed on in my house who is either trying to communicate that he/she is sad that they’re dead, mad that they’re dead and they want to fight me, missing the mastication of chewing gum, having trouble breathing and/or swallowing, allergic to bees, a bastard of a soul (or I am a bastard), boring or bored, or possibly obsessed with Court TV and the O.J. Simpson Case which just reached it’s 10 year anniversary last month.

I’m not quite sure, yet, but with the help of charts, graphs and Microsoft Excel… I am close to cracking the code.

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