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In America, In Baja Fresh

I happened to find the time today to see the latest Jim Sheridan film, In America today. If you don’t know anything about it, it’s somewhat based on Sheridan’s own experiences in coming to America from Ireland, and going to film school at Columbia. The change of locale came on the heels of losing his son in a tragic accident, and moving to the USA with his wife and two daughters. The film itself changes some of the details (i.e. the male lead is a struggling actor), but keeps pretty close to the subject matter from what I know. In fact, what’s interesting, is that the movie was written by Jim Sheridan and his two daughters.

The two little girls in the movie are really damn good actors, and they are the center of the entire film. The story is depressing and bittersweet all at the same time, but I’m still trying to decide whether or not I liked it. I’m never one to not like a movie because it’s depressing — I believe films should represent life, and can’t stand it when people talk about movies not being good because characters are “unlikeable”. That aside, I’m not sure that In America is enough of a story. Let me think about it.

I’ve finally convinced Jen to watch The Lord of the Rings and we will be powering through the Extended versions over the next few days in preparation of seeing the final chapter in the theaters. I saw it already and loved it, but now it’s her turn.

Oh, and I ate at Baja Fresh today. More on that, later.

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