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I Will Not Call This Entry, “<i>Latest Happenings</i>“

The week is plugging right along, isn’t it?

The work on the TV show has been crazy. On Monday I walked in to find out I was supposed to be on a plane to Northern California for a special promo shoot for the show. Three hours later, after I had all my flights and rental cars and meetings with film commissions set up, it changed. The shoot would not be there, but here in town.

That’s the fun of TV production. Things change constantly and since you’re always working ahead of the curve to be prepared — you usually end up having to trash a bunch of work when things change. But you know what? It’s part of the challenge.

In other news, the deal for the Consumer Joe TV show is close to getting done. Once that happens, out to pitch. Scripts are being sent out to various people in consideration of hiring me for the new TV season (starting in July usually) and the big Producer attached to one of my screenplays is now going out to Directors for the project. Other scripts are out to talent, reading them to see if they want to attach themselves. There is a lot of potential goodness, and nothing concrete.

And that is why I sing.

Or not.

I will be out of town during the last half of April and the first half of May shooting this UNDISCLOSED, ULTRA SECRET television show and it will be both a fun experience and a curse. Because when I’m out of town you can bet I’m not going to get any screenwriting or book work done. Sure, I’ll have time for the blog because it’s my new OCD… But creative writing will not happen. It makes me look forward to after the show in May/June when I’ll return to my home/office and start back in on all the remaining projects.

But why talk about the future when I can talk about today. In fact, I can talk about what I just did a mere few seconds ago.

I brushed my teeth.

You sorta gotta wonder about all those people, like the cavemen, who never brushed their teeth their whole lives. Did their teeth fall out pretty early in their lifespan? Or did they only eat meat and plants and so there was no sugar to ruin them as quickly? Or did they fall out and rot, like dog’s teeth, and nobody cared about that perfect smile because the “Caveman Media” wasn’t so obsessed with a white smile and a non-stinky, non-brontosaurus-like breath?

Maybe someday we will know the answer to that, and why we have a pinky toe.

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