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I’m In A Fight With Freddie Prinze, Jr.

I am not one to air my dirty laundry. Know that I am not that guy.

However, a few really unfortunate events happened recently that ended up resulting in an outcome that I am not pleased with. An outcome that, basically, resulted in me being in a fight with my friend Freddie Prinze, Jr.. But in order for you to agree with me that I was right and he was wrong and that he should be the one apologizing to me and not the other way around (no matter what that whiny Sarah Michelle Gellar tells Freddie is the reality of the situation or not), you must get the full story from start to finish.

First of all, I met FPJ awhile back at the first premiere of the Scooby Doo movie. I had been invited by some friends at the studio that produced it and he was obviously there because he was in the dang movie. Anyway, my friend introduced me to him (without Sarah, at the moment in time) while we were all getting drinks at the bar. FPJ and I talked a bunch about writing (he wants to Produce as well) and since it had been after the screening of the movie, I told him my thoughts on how the movie really worked as a commentary on today’s political and environmental problems… (I.e., Scooby Doo the character is a bumbling (political) character who is always stumbling upon the wrong-doings (environmental issues) and teaming up with his buddy (the EPA) to solve the issues.) Anyway, FPJ and I laughed for a long time about the hidden meanings, and well, that was just the beginning.

For the couple years since then, FPJ and I have grabbed coffee and drinks over time — yes, I’ve hung with him and the “girl” on many occasions and over the course of the last few months we’ve really started hanging out even more as I started to get his notes on some scripts I was working on and he actually pumped out one that I gave him notes on. Now, the problem with “the girl” is that she helped co-write this steaming piece of crap that he showed me… It was basically, without giving away any hints so no one steals it, a remake of a classic movie that takes place in the 50’s and involves a ton of musical numbers between a leather-jacket clad greaser and this innocent blonde Australian girl who comes to town. Well, they have a total summer of love kind of relationship but then she shows up to school and realizes that the guy is really a greaser and well, do they stay together or not… I know, vague, but anyway — she wanted to take this movie, remake it, but make all the main characters…vampires!

Ugh, is right.

So, I gave my opinion and although FPJ thought I was totally right, the “girl” took offense and she started continually saying bad things about me to FPJ behind my back. But still, FPJ and I were working closely and trying to develop some other ideas in the process.

Last week, the you-know-what hit the fan.

So I’m sitting at the Starbucks with FPJ and we’re going over some notes my manager gave the two of us on the project and we’re just in this perfect zone of making changes and the project is so going to work really well and we’re throwing out all these ideas of who will star in the movie and FPJ’s agents are on board… And I say to FPJ… “Dude, we are so best friends, aren’t we?”

Well, FPJ looks at me and gives his trademark smile that he overused in that Monica Potter movie with all the models in NYC and says, “Yeah, dude. We’re friends.”

Right, but that wasn’t what I said so you can already see the wheels turning in FPJ’s head and I can see the influence of “the vampire queen” all over the place. So, I have to clarify here and I shoot back, “Best friends… Not just friends. You and I, we’ve been through a lot… Best friends.”

Then, FPJ flips the cover to the script closed, folds his hands on top of the script and looks up at me (as he’s putting his sunglasses back on) and says, “We’re not best friends. I don’t know where you got that idea.”

I say, “Just say we’re best friends. We don’t have to actually BE best friends. But can you just say it?”

He says, “I’m not going to say it.”

I say, “Oh, c’mon. They’re just words.”

He says, “Never.”

Well, I could feel the burning of a thousand souls building up in my stomach at that point, and so I just got up, pushed the chair away from me (causing everyone to look) and said, “If you only consider me to be just your friend and not your best friend, who obviously must be the blonde biaatch… then you should consider this whole friendship over.”

FPJ got up, walked out and refuses to return my calls.

See, it’s obvious to me that I may have come off a tad “strong” in bringing up Sarah and making her seemingly the center of the argument, but FPJ was way wrong to take a tone like that with me and just simply leave the establishment. I was willing to talk more even though I pushed the chair away from me. But he, well, he’s already got his sunglasses on and he’s “folded the script cover closed”… I mean, it may just be me but I think it’s quite obvious who was in the wrong here.

Let me know your thoughts, especially if you agree with me.

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