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I’ll Give You Money If You Give Me A Hollow Bowling Ball

Aah, the weekend.

First weekend since I’ve been back in town where I think I’ll actually get some good rest. That’s, of course, different from my first weekend in Los Angeles (last weekend) when all I did was collapse at 9pm each night as I was both on Dallas time (2 hours later) and so so so tired.

I had been gone so long from my place in L.A., that upon waking from falling asleep in a big chair in front of the TV, I literally was scared out of my mind because I had no idea where I was. My thought process had to do with where some of the cast members from the TV show were, was I late getting to the set, what time was it and where was I? I looked at J and told her to just talk to me so I could figure out what the hell was going on. It was a damn weird moment that was obviously the result of being in so many cities over so many weeks and, well, maybe sniffing glue.

Although the jury is still out on the sniffing glue thing.

I’ve been plugging away at The Benefactor offices since I’ve been back. I helped put together the trailer for the show which just aired on CNNfn yesterday when Mark Cuban was on being interviewed. Now I’m working on what’s called a “Sizzle Reel”. This is, traditionally, a 2-5 minute video that the network uses to sell advertising space during the show and to give the people at the network a good feel for the show. Usually it takes you through a good portion of the show, without giving too much away, and is cut together with upbeat music, conflict and drama.

It’s crazy to put together.

Just figure, you’ve got hundreds and hundreds of hours of video on top of confessionals and interviews with cast members and you’ve got to find an angle, write a script that incorporates all these things, and edit edit edit. It’s like putting together a movie trailer, but a little tougher. All about selling the show, baby! Sell, sell, sell.

The next few weeks are going to be crazy with a capital X. I’m off to Cedar Rapids, Iowa for a wedding I’m in at the end of the week. Then a week or so later I will become an uncle when my sister gives birth to the family’s first grandkid. A few weeks after that I will finish up things on this show and hopefully, finally, get word about what’s going on with the second book.

While I’m waiting for those things to resolve themselves, I’m also waiting to see if a certain company options a screenplay of mine (we’re talking money, people) and if I can close the deal with a TV producer to start pitching Consumer Joe as a reality show. Sometimes I feel like I keep talking about things that should have resolved themselves by now, but what can I say. Things take forever.

I’ve also just gotten the word that I’m going to start writing freelance articles for a really sweet magazine. As soon as it’s for sure, I’ll let you in on which magazine it is and what exactly it is that I’m going to be doing.

In other news, I continue to be amused by the amount of “foot fetish” sites that are sending people to the WFME doors. People, I’m assuming, find it amusing that I posted that piece on Jennifer Garner’s freaky pinky toe and that, according to all of them, they find it beautiful.

If only Al Qaida could see the beauty in Jennifer Garner’s freaky toe. Maybe then we’d all have peace on Earth.

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