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  • Paul Davidson

I Could Be Your Greek God of Misplacement

Wondering why your left sock keeps on getting lost in the wash? Curious as to what happened to that deoderant you’ve misplaced? Ran out of Q-Tips yet you’re positive you had some left?

Attribute it all to me. Your new Greek God.

It’s funny when you really sit down and forget about yourself long enough to think back to the time that people worshipped Greek Gods. When the earth shook, it was Zeus doing it. When there was rain, the rain guy in the sky was making it happen. There was a god of love, of fate, of death, of strength of honor and much much more.

But did they ever worship the God of Misplacement?

That’s where I come in. Can’t find that latest resume on your computer hard drive? Lost your keys? Missing that sweater for that special occasion? Forgot someone’s number? Lost your dog?

Me. Me. Me. Me. Me.

As the Greek God of Misplacement, my goal will be to make you think you’re going mad. That you’ve gone insane. That normal, everyday things like putting the mail out for the mailman (which now, you can’t find) are complicated cerebral issues for you. But at the same time, instead of looking stupid or thoughtless or just plain idiot-like, you can blame it on The Greek God of Misplacement!

So next time your girlfriend or your wife or your mother or your brother asks you what you did with the remote control… Or what happened to that W-2 form from last year… Or where those blank CDs are at… Or what happened to the birth control pills… Just blame it on me.

I’ll be glad to take the credit.

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