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Hollywood Stupidity Story #57B

Dina Meyer of Starship Troopers, Dragonheart, Beverly Hills 90210 and Miss Match fame was next to enter the bathroom, in the long party bathroom line. I was at the back, drunk enough.

Me: Dina Meyer!!!

She turns around. Smiles politely.

Dina Meyer: Hi!… ________?

She wants to know my name. Dina Meyer wants to know my name. (I almost collapse, but regain my balance.)

Me: Paul!

Dina Meyer: Hi, Paul!

It’s a calm moment where the two of us share a happy stare. She has responded to her name, and smiled. And I have kept my balance and told her mine.

Me: I loved you in Starship Troopers and I bought Dragonheart on DVD and watched that movie and you were really good in that one and oh my god I saw you in Beverly Hills 90210 the other day and boy did you come off as a bitch to Brandon, but I guess you had just left your husband anyway and Brandon didn’t know that you were just using him as a piece of meat and I hope you weren’t forced to take off your top in that shower scene in Starship Troopers because I’ve heard about Verhoeven and he’s supposed to just be sort of abusive when it comes to female actresses and I’d be there for you if he ever tried anything…

Dina Meyer looks at me, the smile gone. The bathroom door opens.

Dina Meyer: Bye, Paul.

The bathroom door closes. And although imperceptible, the vibration of the door closing causes me to lose my footing and collapse on the floor. Someone somewhere giggles.

And it isn’t me.

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