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Hollywood Skewered

About a week ago I came across Hollywoodlog, a new blog that looks to its contributing Hollywood professionals to write weekly posts that center around specific themes.

Last week I was on the floor reading a post by Christen Nelson called Spontaneous Days. In it, Christen tells us about the time she ran into Quentin Tarantino (recently, that is) and how they spent the day together shopping, registering for wedding gifts at Crate & Barrell and buying shirts at the GAP. It was hilarious.

This week I start contributing to the site as well, and as this week’s post centers around “Embarassment”, I’ll be serving up a Hollywood story I haven’t mentioned before on here. New posts should start appearing after Wednesday so be sure to check it out. In the meantime, check out what’s currently on there. Some great writing by talented peeps.

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