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  • Paul Davidson

Hilary Duff Runs Like A Girl

I have been to the movies lately and have been consistently harassed by the movie trailer for Hilary Duff’s new film Raise Your Voice.

The film, which looks to be Fame meets a steaming pile of crap, tells the story of a wannabe singer who makes her way into a prestigious music program at a Fame-like school where she realizes she’s in way over her head — all the other singers are so totally better! (Which makes me sad for Hilary. So sad. She’s had it so tough.)

About halfway through the trailer, after receiving a vocal-ass kicking by other more-competitive hot female students, we’re shown the distraught Duff running down an outside hallway, arms flailing in all directions like an albatross trying to take off into the blue sky.

Hilary Duff runs like a girl.

Hilary Duff is presented as the most extreme stereotypical upset female running away from danger that I have ever seen — and I am half surprised that sequence isn’t followed up by her eating a pint of ice cream, ripping pictures off her dorm-room bulliten board and/or ripping apart the lanyard keychain her best friend once gave her. Why must young women of America be presented with a role model moment such as this?

Next to the trailer for Murder at 1600 where Wesley Snipes gets off a helicopter on the lawn of the White House and announces (laughably),

“I got a murder at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. An address that changes all the rules…”

…this trailer runs a close second place for the silliest, stupidest trailer I have been fated to sit through at least sixteen or seventeen more times.

Pray for me. Please.

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