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  • Paul Davidson

Editors Are Gods

Really, they are.

I have been back from Dallas for a little over a week now, and have been working in The Benefactor offices since I returned. In that time, I have had an opportunity to see clips and selections from the show itself. If I could describe them in five words, I would say that “they look pretty damn good.”

I’ve also been put in a position to help craft some promos here and there (I know, ambiguous) and have had the opportunity to work beside some editors. These guys are amazing. Not that I haven’t had the opportunity to work with editors before (I was an Apprentice Editor on the classic 90’s film Blink) but I have really been paying attention to their skill and speed and it just blows me away.

Their fingers speed across the AVID system keyboard, moving clips an inch here and an inch there, editing and putting back together two portions of one song and creating a seamless connection not unlike a club DJ, and adjusting color, speed and transitions. Yeah, yeah – I know we all have editing software on our own home computers, but this stuff is the tops.

A lot of these people have been at it for 8+ years and so it’s not like a total surprise they’re this good, but it’s amazing how an editor can take a bunch of clips and turn them into a cohesive, coherent piece of entertainment. Only problem? It takes FOREVER. I’ve been working on a one-minute promo that we’ve been plugging away on for at least a day and a half. What can you do? It is what it is what it is.

And so, for editors all across the world, I salute you and your computer equipment.

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