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  • Paul Davidson

Cereal As The New Meal

No one is talking about this anywhere.

I am the hugest, most largest, tallest and most-intimidating fan of “cereal as the new meal.” I believe that cereal is not only for breakfast anymore. I believe that cereal makes for a great lunch and an even better dinner. I could eat Sugar Smacks and a salad at a fancy restaurant and pay the bill and still be happy.

There is a store out there that someone mentioned before that actually serves peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and that’s it! People show up, it’s like a novelty, and they pay for the same kinds of simple sandwiches they could make at home. The same is about to happen for cereal. I am negotiating the final details of opening a restaurant that caters to the cereal-loving public out there. The huge-ass, wildly-exciting population of cereal-eaters.

And you are one of them. I so know it.

Where in Hollywood this new restaurant should be is still an issue. Are there more cereal eaters in the Hollywood area or are there more cereal eaters in the Malibus and Brentwoods of Los Angeles? Are people more open to paying for a bowl of cereal in less-affluent areas or (surprise!) are people who make millions each year the real audience for such cereal-theater goodness?

My new restaurant, “Cereal-2-Go-4-U-And-Yours, So Come On By!” is still in the development stages, but very close to being a reality. A small brick-and-mortar store that would serve cereal-only meals has never been done and I’m currently looking for investors to jump on board the Cereal bandwagon. But what kinds of meals will you be serving? (That is the question most investors ask me over the phone and I am now ready to answer their questions…)

Cereal Cereal and Toast Cereal and a Bagel Cereal and Berries Cereal in a Big Bowl Special Low-Carb Cereal Special: No Cereal, Just Milk Buzz-Special: Frosted Flakes with Extra Sguar Fresh Cereal Juice: Milk is added to Froot Loops or Fruity Pebbles. Cereal is stirred for 15 minutes until milk has been infused with flavoring. Cereal is removed. Fresh cereal juice is served! Voila!

There are many more concoctions in the works, but the above menu items should convince those investors currently reading this site that this is not just some half-baked idea I’ve just come up with. This is well-thought out, and in L.A., could be a huge fad that would last long enough to make us all millionaires.

Cereal as the new meal. It’s time.

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